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Glo yakata data plans 2023

Glo yakata data plans 2023

Glo yakata data plans 2023

Globacom one of the Nigerian leading telecommunications company is a stop network for all your needs. They offer great call options and unbelievable data packages, which is why they are called the Grandmasters of data.

Looking for better-recharging options, servo no more because the Glo yakata data plans 2023, will burst your bubbles. With the Glo yakata data plans 2023, you are over the moon with free 6GB of data and 2200% call bonuses. You also stand to get free calls to all Glo lines.

The Glo yakata was introduced in 2018 by Globacom telecommunication, their sole aim was marketing. After a year the plan was reshaped into the Glo yakAta plan which we all know for.

As a new subscriber on Glo, you are automatically placed on the yakata plan. This plan allows you to enjoy 6GB of data monthly for 6 months.

You will also receive 2200% off every N100 recharge card. This Glo data plan is full of benefits, as you also stand to get a bonus to call any Glo line.

The Glo yakata is a prepaid tariff plan that gives lots of bonuses to all new Glo subscribers.

Many Glo users have now joined this data plan because it gives you access to make calls at a cheaper rate and also bombards you with its data offers.

What are you still waiting for, join the Glo yakata plans and enjoy yourself like others.

Glo yakata data plans 2023
Glo yakata data plans 2023

About the Glo Yakata data plan


Glo Yakata is a juicy package presented to each new and present client on the Glo network. The Glo Yakata is a pay-as-you-go design which offers more records and extra call minutes for a lot lesser prices.

This prepaid graph comes with a lot of candies ranging from free data bundles to free voice calls to all networks. You can get a complete cost of N2,200 for an airtime recharge of N100. Amazing isn’t it? That’s a whopping 2000% bonus on your every recharge. That’s amazing isn’t it, why not hurry now to get your Glo sim to enjoy all these numerous benefits?

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This year don’t take the last take great advantage of this post on the Glo yakata data plans 2023, and flex like the king you are.

When you purchase a new Glo SIM card, Glo welcomes you to their network, with this amazing plan. Once you have purchased and registered a Glo sim, you are eligible for the yakata family, but that doesn’t mean our old customers can’t also enjoy this amazing plan. If you’re already on the Glo network, then all you need to do is dial the Yakata activation code to migrate to the plan.

Glo yakata data plans 2023
Glo yakata data plans 2023

How to migrate to the Glo yakata data plan

This is for the old user, you all are not left out. As a Glo user, you are also eligible for the yakata plan. To join the Yakata family, you need to migrate to the yakata plan.

Never worry, in this post is all you need to activate and enjoy the Glo yakata plan like others.

  1. Go to your phone dialer
  2. Dial the Glo Yakata Migration code *445# using your Glo line
  3. You will receive a confirmation notification from Glo.
  4. That’s it! You’ve successfully migrated to Glo Yakata.

You are now in the yakata family, enjoy like the rest, spend little and enjoy more in the glo yakata family.

Benefits of the Glo yakata plans

If you have not migrated to the Glo yakata, then you are losing already. Why not migrate to the yakata plan and enjoy just like any other Glo subscribers?

Glo yakata data plans 2023
Glo yakata data plans 2023

The Glo Yakata Tariff layout essentially specifically is an extraordinary graph that gives you affords that you sincerely won’t particularly basically locate on different networks in a major way.

Don’t for the most part agree with me, or so they particularly thought. Then did you generally for the most part know that just by way of buying and registering a Glo SIM card, you will essentially literally be supplied 6GB well fairly kind of worth of data for the subsequent 6 months from Glo Yakata, which actually for the most part essentially is fairly significant, kind of contrary to popular belief in a really big way. And it’s pretty free of charge, which essentially is fairly significant in a big way in a subtle way.

Glo yakata data plans 2023
Glo yakata data plans 2023

Also, you will get  22 times (22X) more value on your every recharge on the network. That’s so cool right, That is, when you recharge your Glo Yakata line, you will be given 22X the value of the amount you recharged. Now tell me why not migrate to Glo and enjoy, the Glo yakata data plans 2023?


You now know about the Glo yakata data plans 2023, for all new and old Glo subscribers. Their numerous data bundles and call time are unbelievable.

For example, if you recharge N100, then you’ll get hold of an N500 airtime bonus, and if you recharge N500 you’ll receive an N2,500 airtime bonus. This airtime bonus can be used to call all telecommunication networks in Nigeria.

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