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How to print recharge card

10 Businesses you can start with 200k in Nigeria

How to print recharge card

Selling recharge cards of all networks on busy streets or roads can be a source of income for you.

One good thing about this business is that it does not require any big capital, shops or workers. You can start on your own in the meantime, once you start expanding you can now employ workers.

If you want to learn how to print recharge card then this post is for you, as it will take you step by steps on how to print recharge card.

The recharge card printing business is profitable, but only for those who know how to operate the business. Like every other business, recharge card printing requires you to study how the business works, the profitability, and the risks involved.

Printing and selling recharge cards is a very lucrative business at the moment, as its a fast selling products. Recharge cards business is often referred go as a hot cake business because it sells everyday.

So you can start printing your own recharge card at your own convenient. Here are some of the most frequent asked question.

Can I print recharge card with my phone

Yes of course you can print recharge cards with your phone, it all depends on the type of phone you are using.

For you to print recharge cards with your phone, the phone must be an Android smartphone that can connect the Internet


Without mincing words, the recharge card business is arguably the most lucrative business at the moment. No wonder, many people are rushing into it.

Every phone user in Nigeria normally recharges their phones, have asked yourself this question before? If not try asking yourself “who print those recharge cards“. No big deal, those recharge cards are been generated by human beings like you and me.

If you have asked yourself the above question, then it’s time to let you know it’s easy and simple. This post will help you know how to print a recharge card.

How to print recharge card in Nigeria
How to print recharge card in Nigeria

Here at tiny tips, we have been the known How to blog, teaching people the simple steps on how to do tech things by themselves.

In this post, we will teach you many cool kinds of stuff like

  • How to print recharge card
  • How to make the recharge card bear your name
  • Various means of marketing your cards
  • And more especially the easier way to generate your card pin.

If all that is what you want to learn then you are on the right track, as this post will he’ll teach you the above stuff.

Requirement for printing recharge card

Before you can start the recharge card printing business in nigeria, there are some basic things you should own. This will help the running of the business.

  • A laptop or a smartphone
  • Internet Access
  • Printing Software
  • Printer
  • Recharge pins
  • A valid email address
  • Your capital; are you surprised, every business needs a capital. So recharge printing business is no exception.
How to print recharge card in Nigeria
How to print recharge cards in Nigeria

is the recharge card business profitable

That is the questions running through our mind at the moment, will I make huge money from this business, is this recharge card business profitable?

We will not only be teaching you how to print Recharge cards but also how to make money from them.

Just like I have said before, the recharge card business is more lucrative than before. Daily, people must recharge their phones. To make it more successful, you can sell from a strategic position, where people can get access to you anytime. That means you will sell like mad.

You can make like 5N or 4N from each N100 card you sell, which means if you sell 200 pieces of N100 airtime, then you will be getting N1000 to N800. This is for one network and the N100 denomination.

Calculate N1000 of all the N100 denominations multiplied by 4 for all the networks in Nigeria, that should be N4000 from one denomination.

Cool cash right, why not learn how to print recharge cards and also make cool cash like the others?


You can beat your competitors by applying this strategy; be polite and friendly. Sell at a cheaper rate, once people notice yours is N1 cheaper than the others they will be coming to you.

Cost of starting a card printing business

This business does not require much capital, it all depends on your budget and selling options.

How to print recharge card in Nigeria
How to print recharge card in Nigeria

There are two major ways of starting your airtime printing business

  1. Voucher card machine
  2. Voucher software

The voucher software 

Is easy and cheaper to run than the voucher card machine. With just N20000 you can start printing your airtime to be sold in your community. But you will need a laptop or a smartphone and a printer to use the software.

First, you will need to contact your mega dealer to get the software. Then download the software on your smartphone or laptop, and the encrypted pin code will be sent to your email address.

Don’t panic the pin code can be decrypted with the software, so it’s no big deal. Connect with your printer and start printing them out for free.

Simple right, now let’s look at how the voucher card machine works

Voucher card machine

There are recharge card printing machine companies unfold throughout Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, and other parts of the country.
The price tiers from N50,0000 to N80,0000, depending on the company and your location. It is portable. It’s something you can put in your bag and pass round with.

How to print recharge card in Nigeria
How to print recharge card in Nigeria

How the machine works

To print telecom vouchers from your machine, savings them into the account related with the machine, just like the way your smartphone works, except savings you can’t make calls, likewise the machine.
The computing device has a dedicated account which you savings into. After getting the machine,  you need a minimum savings of N10,000.
The higher the money you credit score into the account related with it, the higher the range of vouchers you can print. Without recharging it by depositing cash into the account you can’t print cards.
Once the credit score is carried out into the account, the bank deposit the machine back with that identical amount.

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Advantages of printing recharge card

This post on how to print recharge card, if you go through it thoroughly you can be able to print your own recharge card.

There are many benefits in printing recharge card, which will be listed in this post how to print recharge card with my mobile phone.

Always in high demand:

People buy cards to make calls, to subscribe for data, and to send SMS to loved ones. This means you can make a profit as long as you have enough customers in your community.

Now that you have the direction you want to go in starting your recharge card printing business, here are some other tips to help run a profitable business.

There is nothing like the season, in the recharge card budiness, every day is a season.

Cheaper to start

You don’t need muchcapitals to start, with just a fairly used laptop and a printer you are good to go.

How to print recharge card in Nigeria
How to print recharge card in Nigeria


Printing recharge card is a very lucrative business, and if you have the capital and at a strategic position then you are good for business. That is all for today on how to print recharge cards, if you have any questions or suggestions you can use the comment box.







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