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How to block lost Simcard in Nigeria

How to block lost simcard in Nigeria 

Losing your sim card can be a bit frustrating, all your contacts, vital information and your bank details are saved in your phone. How frustrating that can be.

A simcard is a portable memory chip that can store lots of information, it can be used to store contacts and vital information on your phone. So blocking your simcard when stolen or when it gets lost is a sure thing to do, because it contains sensitive information about you.

If the sim card falls into the wrong hands, you may be in serious problem as your money in the account may be transferred to another account. Or the sim card will be used to perpetrate evil disguising as you. So the best thing to do is to block the Simcard.

That is why we have this blog post known to block lost simcard in Nigeria.

You may be surprised how easy it is to block your lost simcard and save yourself the pain of losing your money in the bank.

How to block lost simcard In Nigeria 

Once your phone is stolen or you misplaced it, the first thing to do is to block the line so that it won’t go into the wrong hands. Blocking your Simcard may seem to be a long process but it’s worth it.

How to block your lost simcard in Nigeria
How to block your lost simcard in Nigeria

If your cellular system will specifically become misplaced or kind of has been stolen, particularly comply with the steps under to attempt and get pretty much better particularly your device in a subtle way.

The first element generally is to particularly try contacting your number with the use of a fairly alternate smartphone to see if anyone responds and to mostly make sort of certain the system is dialling correctly, which is quite significant.

If kind of your device includes a Device Locator such as a Find my iPhone attempt and stumble on your system using these tools, or so they particularly thought.

Knowing how to block lost simcard in nigeria is an amazing thing, as it will enable us to take drastic actions before it will be too late.

Why you need to block lost Simcard

You never can tell, the hands your lost phone is into so the best thing to do is to block the line.

How to block your lost simcard in nigeria
How to block lost simcard in nigeria

Blocking your SIM card generally is extraordinarily necessary when you have misplaced it. Your SIM card number generally is connected to your bank, every social media account, app, and machine as well.

Can you imagine the extent of loss that you can face? Some different men or women can misuse it for blackmailing, having access to generally your details, using your social media handles, and so on in a subtle way.

You can also even for the most part give up dropping money from definitely your bank account when the culprit particularly has access to your SIM subtly. Not only these but you’re specifically lost SIM can additionally lead to an accelerated telephone consignment that you will have to specifically pay while anyone else kind of is the use of it, contrary to popular belief.

Thus, generally, be careful and take instant steps to block fairly your SIM card or essentially be prepared for the unexpected dangers coming your way, actually contrary to popular belief.

So therefore this is a guide on how to block lost simcard in Nigeria.

Visit your local network provider

The first thing to do in blocking your lost simcard is to visit your local network provider around your neighbourhood. Before you do that try calling your lost line with another number to know if can still get it back.

If doesn’t work, then it’s high time you go ahead and block the line.

  • If no one picks up the call when you are trying or the phone is coming switched off, immediately contact your network provider. It will start the SIM block process quickly.
  • Many carriers offer email, online assistance, and toll-free number for customer service. You can use any of them to get in touch with your carrier.
  • Keep the registered email or alternate number that you used while buying the SIM card. This will be required for verification by receiving the OTP to block your SIM card.
  • Make sure to go with the three numbers you call mostly with the lost phones.

Always lock your Simcard 

Locking your sim card is a sure way to protect your phone, as it will be difficult to use your phone dialer. This will make your phone more secure, in case your phone got into the wrong hands.

This will prevent them from achieving their evil plans, helping you to secure your money. Locking your sim card is a sure way to protect your bank accounts and other valuables.

How to block lost simcard in Nigeria

Block Airtel simcard online 

Airtel is one of the most widely used networks in Nigeria at the moment, so you might have used them in doing something. 6 out I0 Nigerians use this network provider.

Losing it can be so stressful and frustrating, so here is how to block your airtel line to save you some time.

To block your Airtel line you will have to visit your Airtel office so that they can block the simcard for you.

Note that the simcard will be destroyed as it will be inactive, this will prevent the user from making use of it.

How to block lost simcard in Nigeria
How to block lost simcard in Nigeria

How to block lost simcard in Nigeria

Once you lost your simcard, this can be bad for you, but you must take these necessary steps to prevent further loss of cash and valuables.

Take notes of how to block lost simcard in Nigeria, by following these simple steps

How to block your lost MTN line

If you are using MTN, then it gets lost, the first thing you should do is to visit any  MTN offices near you to get your line blocked.

Once you got there, your line will be blocked, make sure you go with your sim card packs and other information concerning your lost line

How to block lost simcard in Nigeria

9mobile and Glo

For 9mobile and Glo users, you still need to do the same thing, taking the lost sim card pack to your local offices and having them terminate the line.

How to block your lost Glo line

You can follow this online method to block your Glo line


How to block a glo simcard online

You can also block a Glo sim card online through the Glo website. To block your SIM card through the website,

  • Go to the Gloworld website in your browser.
  • Click on the online customer representative chat icon at the bottom of the page.
  • You might be asked to input your name, phone number, and email address. Enter the required details and then click on continue to proceed to the chat with an online customer care representative.

Calling customer care

You can also block your lost  Glo simcard by calling Glo customer care on 200 and you will be told what to do.

Conclusion: how to block lost simcard in Nigeria

You need to block any of your lost simcard to prevent further loss or damage to your bank account. Just like some people have complained that once their phone git missing, the next thing is that the thief will start withdrawing money from their accounts.

That’s why the best thing to do is to block your line once you noticed your phone is missing. You can still visit your bank to notify them on the current happening.

How to block lost simcard in Nigeria
How to block lost simcard in Nigeria

Thanks, for reading to this point if you have any questions on how to block lost simcard in Nigeria, then feel free to use the comment box. Any suggestions on how to block lost simcard in Nigeria, you can also notify us.





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