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Glo airtime transfer code

Glo airtime transfer code

Airtime gifting is one way of showing love to friends and family, you can transfer or be transferred whenever you are low on airtime,

It is normal for you to get airtime for your spouse, friends or relative, but you mustn’t go into the street in search of a glo recharge card. You can send airtime to whoever you want within the comfort of your home.

Glo also known as Globacom is one of the leading telecommunications companies in Nigeria. They offer lots of data and airtime bonuses, in some cases, you might not be able to use them all.

The Glo airtime transfer code is *131* recipient number* amount* transfer pin#

I.e *131*09094866126*1000*12345#.

Glo has over 45 million subscribers, making it the second-largest network provider in Nigeria.

Many Nigerian prefer Glo due to its cheap data and also their cheap call rate is also affordable.

You may be wondering how to transfer airtime on your goo line to another, you can also transfer from your Glo line to other networks.

The best way to make good use of the airtime is to share it with your friends and family. That is why we have written down all the Glo airtime transfer codes.

One amazing thing is that Glo can allow you to transfer your airtime to other networks in Nigeria. And that is why we have decided to give you a breakdown in detail of how to transfer airtime and its codes.

Note, you can’t transfer any bonus you receive from your recharge. You should only transfer airtime.

Glo airtime transfer code
Glo airtime transfer code

In this festive season learn how to share airtime with friends and loved ones, with the Glo airtime transfer codes, you are set.

Tinytipz about Glo airtime transfer

  1. Before you can transfer airtime, you must first reset your default pin which is 00000
  2. The minimum amount you can transfer is NGN 50
  3. You can’t transfer to other networks I.e it’s only from a Glo line to a Glo line
  4. A service charge is always applied upon every transfer, the service charge is NGN 10.
  5. Know your new pin and keep it secret, don’t disclose it to anyone.
  6. Ensure you have enough airtime on your line before you can transfer airtime.

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Glo airtime transfer code

You may be wondering if it is easy to transfer your Glo airtime to another person’s phone number without losing it.

Yes, it’s possible, you can send it to another Glo line,  or any other network.

How to share airtime on Glo

There are many ways to share your Glo airtime with other Glo customers. Here is a complete guide on how to share airtime on Glo.

Bear in mind that there is no transfer limit, on how much airtime you can share as a Glo subscriber. You can share as much as you wish.

How to change your Glo default pin

For you to transfer your Glo airtime for the first time, you need to change your GLO default pin and follow the instructions below.

Glo airtime transfer code
Glo airtime transfer code

The Glo default pin is 00000, before you can transfer your airtime you need to have changed your Glo default pin. This is for security purposes.

Without the default pin, you can’t transfer airtime to someone, because your transfer cannot be processed.

Changing your Glo line default pin is not such a big deal. To change Glo default pin dial: *132* default pin*newpin* newpin#.

That is dial *132*00000*3457*3457#.

That was simple, now you have changed your default pin. It is now time to transfer your airtime to your loved one.

Glo airtime transfer code

Now you can transfer airtime to your friends and family who are using Glo without stress.

To transfer airtime from your Glo line simply follow these steps:

  • Dial *131* the receiver number*amount* transfer pin#
  • E.g *131*09094866126*100*12345#
  • Ensure you have airtime in your line before transferring.
  • You will receive a confirmation message congratulating you on your airtime transfer success.
  • The receiver will get the airtime automatically

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Glo airtime transfer code
Glo airtime transfer code

Frequently asked question (FAQ)

These are some of the questions people are always asking. As Glo is always working to provide excellent service to its customers, these are some of the questions most Glo users ask.

How to share Glo data

Just as you can share your Glo airtime with your fellow Glo user, so also it’s possible to share your data.

Sharing your Glo data is quite simple, you can share data with your loved ones by following the steps below.

Glo data-sharing tips

You can up to 5 Glo network users to your data and then can still enjoy the same fast internet browsing. You can share data on Glo by following these steps.

  • Dial *127*00*friend number# or send share ( friend number) to 127. That is dial *127*00*08123456789# or send share 08123456789 to 127.
  • To remove people from sharing dial *127*01*friend number# or send remove friend number to 127. That is *127*01*08123456789#
  • To check the list of people that are benefiting from your Glo data transfer. Dial *127*02#.


The Glo airtime transfer code will help you send airtime to your friends and family, note that they should be Glo subscribers before they can receive the Glo transfer.

We will like to hear from you, ok if you have any suggestions or questions feel free to use the comments box.

Do share with your friends and family members.







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