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Is the Samsung a12 waterproof

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Is the Samsung A12 waterproof


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Is the Samsung A12 waterproof?



These have been the questions of most Samsung users, is the Samsung a12 waterproof?  It is a known fact that drops of water can damage your phone. But some companies like Apple have introduced some water resistance features to their iPhones. This has helped in protecting their devices from drops of water and moisture.

So also other brands are working hard to implement these features, and so also is Samsung. But the question now remains is the Samsung a12 waterproof?

If you want to know if the Galaxy 12 is water resistant, then I will have to tell you yes, the Galaxy a12 is water resistant.

Even if your phones are waterproof, you should be careful in handling them as some are resistant to moisture and wet condition but not in a pool of water.

About Samsung A12

The Samsung A12 is one of the latest Samsung phones in the Galaxy family released on 21 December 2020. It is among the series of galaxy phones released by Samsung. The Galaxy A12 comes as a replacement for the previous A11.

Is the Samsung a12 waterproof
Is the Samsung a12 waterproof

Although it has some updated features that make it outshine the previous A11, with an improved camera system and larger storage. The Galaxy A12 has features that distinguish it from other phones, and the phone is been widely sought after because of its quality.

Basic Features of Samsung A12

The Samsung a12 has lots of amazing features that distinguish it from other smartphones. You should read through this content to know the basic features of the Samsung a12. Being waterproof is one of the features these phones possess.

Samsung a12 has a screen size of 6.5 inches which makes it amazing for your videos and other cool stuff. It runs an android 10 version which can be upgraded to 11, One UI 3.1, and weighs 205g making it a bit heavy.

The phone’s dimensions are 164×75.8×8.9mm and a PLSIPS display type. The screen resolution is 720×1600 pixels, the phones allow a dual nano sim.

The phone is designed with a glass front, a plastic back and a plastic frame. A12 usually come in many colours, white, red, blue and red.

Galaxy a12 comes in different species some have larger RAM and ROM of 2GB RAM 32GB, 3GB RAM 64GB and 4GB RAM 128GB. You can also insert your memory card if you wish to use your sd card.

Galaxy a12 has four cameras and led flash, panorama and HDR. There is a loudspeaker and an audio jack for your entertainment.

When it comes to power Galaxy a12 charges faster with its USB type C2.O. With a large battery capacity that can last you a whole day without charging it. Thanks to its 5000MAH battery capacity.

For your security, the phones have side-mounted fingerprinting to allow you alone access to your phone.

Price of the Samsung A12

With all these features you may think that the galaxy a12 costs a fortune but the reverse is the case. As the phone is cheaper than what we even imagined. How much do you think the galaxy a12 will cost?

Slot price for Samsung Galaxy A12

Is the Samsung galaxy a12 water proof
Is the Samsung A12 waterproof

The galaxy a12 costs between $135 -$250, which is around NGN 100,000 to NGN 170,000. The above prices depend on your location and the means of getting the phone. You can just walk into any store or order it online.

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Where you can get Samsung a12

looking for a means of getting the Samsung a12, is no big deal. You can get it at any phone store, without wasting your time.

If you want to purchase the Samsung Galaxy a12, you need to go to any phone store to get your ideal phone at a cheaper price. Or you can order it online from some online stores such as Jumia, Slot and other online stores.

Is the Samsung a12 waterproof
Is the Samsung a12 waterproof

Just know that you will have to pay the delivery fee if you ordered it online, or you can walk into their departmental stores across the country to get your phone.

Is the Samsung a12 waterproof

We all know that once your phone is dipped or mistakenly dropped into the water, it probably gets damaged. Some phone brands are built to remain strong even after it is been dropped into the water.

From the Samsung Galaxy S7, all Samsung Galaxy S collection gadgets mostly have IP68 certification. This capacity that all these smartphones can live on actually underwater at 1.5m depth for about 30 minutes, which kind of is fairly significant. All models kind of have this certification, which for the most part is fairly significant.

This shows that the phones are water-resistant, and it’s been designed to be used even in moist conditions. Most apple products are water-resistant which means they won’t be damaged by water.

This brings us to the question of today, is the Samsung a12 waterproof? We will find out, just keep reading, we have answered the question to today’s topic.

You can get caught in the rain barring an umbrella and nonetheless find your way home. And you won’t lose your very cool when you spill water all over fairly your phone. Because the Galaxy a12 and a12 feature the equal IP68-rated water and dirt resistance you have mostly come to anticipate from Galaxy phones. *Water kind of resistant to up to 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes.

Is the Samsung a12 waterproof
Is the Samsung a12 waterproof

That is to say, the Samsung a12 is water-resistant for some time, so we should be careful when handling our phones. In case it mistakenly falls into the water make sure you remove it as soon as possible.


Our phones are one of our prized assets, we tend to care for and protect our phones mostly from damage. such as falling into the water or being exposed to dust.

Most people with Samsung phones will want to know the answer to this question. Is the Samsung a12 waterproof? We have come to discover that the Samsung a12 is waterproof provided it doesn’t stay longer than the stipulated time, which is  30 minutes.

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