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How to recharge your airtel line

How to recharge your airtel line 2023

Recharging your airtel line may seem simple and easy but here at tiny tips, we will show you how to recharge your airtel line. There are many ways and codes to recharge your airtel lines, using both the awful and the normal USSD codes. You can simply dial *121# and easily manage your Airtel services on your own.

To recharge or load your airtel line, simply dial *126*pin# and then ok. That is, for example, just dial *126*123456789012345# and then press ok to recharge your line.

Read through carefully for information on the new Airtel Recharge Code with bonuses. Airtel is generally familiar to most of us because they are one of the first telecommunication enterprises in Nigeria and has many customers, it is one of the most used networks in Nigeria at the moment. So using the network is not a bad choice. This article covers how to recharge your airtel line and Mtn recharge cheats codes

There are many ways to recharge your Airtel line, either by bank transfer or virtual top-up or even to get a card voucher from a retailer. You can choose any of these options to get your airtel line recharged. That’s why we have compiled a list of means to recharge your airtel line.

Below are the various methods to recharge your airtel lines

How to recharge your airtel line
How to recharge your airtel line


How to recharge via USSD codes

Airtel Nigeria Airtime Recharge Card contains a 16-digit PIN. So, follow the step below for loading airtime on your phone:

Airtel Recharge Code: How to load airtime on authentically your Airtel SIM by generally denoting of USSD code

To load or recharge an Airtel line, very dial recharge PIN in the following USSD format: *126*PIN# and then Send/Ok. For example, If the airtime PIN is 1111 2222 3333 4444, include *126*1111222233334444#and press for the most part Send or Ok, which is quite paramount. Withal Read:  How to Link NIN to Airtel Line (Airtel NIN Code) in 2022

If prosperous, you can click right here to study how to check fundamentally your account balance in a generally major way. Alternatively, you can recharge airtime on pretty your Airtel line via other designates, check the information beneath to for all intents and purposes get commenced: in a categorically major way.

How to recharge your airtel line
How to recharge your airtel line


Airtel Recharge Code For Airtime &

You’ll get the Airtel recharge code to load credit, airtime, data, bonus, and other important information you need.

Oh! my airtime is low. I can’t call or text, anyone, right now.

Let me go get a recharge card and load it on my Airtel line before this call can be possible.

Ok, here is the card. What is the Airtel recharge code to load the recharge card?

One way or the other we all have found ourselves in this kind of situation where little things become difficult to remember.

Today’s post shows you how to load an Airtel card easily.

This post will be divided into different sections, how to recharge airtime, the airtel data recharge code, bonus recharge, and more.

How To Load Airtime Using The Airtel Recharge Code

The recharge PIN on an airtel card is usually 16 digits. All you need to do here is type in the shortcode (*126*) before the pin, then close with “#” and send.

  • Simply dial *126*Recharge PIN# to load the card. For example, the given code on the slip is 1234 5678 9012 3456, just dial *126*1234567890123456# to recharge your line.

Now, you should see a pop-up plus a confirmation message that your account was recharged successfully.

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At times, you may not get this confirmation but don’t worry, there is a simple way to check your airtel account balance.

Keep reading…

While the above code enables you to recharge your airtel line based on the amount you paid, there is a different code to load airtel credit and get six times (6X) the v

Airtel Bonus Recharge Code

It is called the Airtel 6X Bundle which gives you 600% of your airtime and can be used for making calls, SMS, and data subscriptions for browsing the internet.

All that is required is to load an Airtel recharge card with *555*Recharge PIN# to get this bonus.

Here is the breakdown:

Recharge Amount Received value Validity
N100 N600 14days
N200 N1200 30days
N300 N1800 30days
N500 N3000 30days
N1000 N6000 30days
  • Simply dial *555*Recharge PIN# to recharge your airtel line and get this BIG Bonus offer. For example, if the number on the recharge card is 1234 5678 9012 3456, just dial *555*1234567890123456# and then press the send button to send.

Alternatively, you can still use the normal recharge code *126# to recharge your airtel line. Once you use this code your account balance will be topped with the exact amount you recharged.

Purchase a recharge card from the nearest retailer. On your device, dial *126*the sixteen-digit number#, then press the call or send key. Your account stability will be routinely credited with the quantity purchased. To check your balance, dial *123# and press the name or send key.

How to recharge your airtel line
How to recharge your airtel line

Recharging from bank

You can top your airtime from your bank by using the used *444#, this pin allows you to buy a recharge card for yourself and others through your bank account.

How to recharge your airtel line
How to recharge your airtel line

Airtel *444#

*444# is Airtel’s USSD shortcode which enables clients to recharge their Airtel lines from their bank debts in Nigeria if the Airtel line is linked to their financial institution account. All you need to do is have in mind one code *444# even when you have multiple accounts to buy Airtime or Data.

You can do much cool stuff with these codes such as gifting airtime to your friends and family.
What can you do?

· Recharge for self

· Recharge for Friends and Family

· Buy data bundles for self

· Buy records bundle for pals and family

· Postpaid Option (COMING SOON)

How does it work?

· Easy, just dial *444# OR *444*AMOUNT#

· Select the service/product option you want

· Select payment choice both thru your Bank or using a Debit card


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