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How to protect your stolen phones

How to protect your stolen phones


Losing your phone can be painful, especially now that the price of Android phones is soaring high. Nevertheless, this is how to protect your stolen Phones from being misused by fraudulent individuals.

Your phone is one of your most-priced assets, you use it daily for calls and messages, and you can also chat with your friends. Losing your phone might require you to go to the bank to change your bank line if the case may be.

Losing your phone makes you look empty as you can’t take or make calls, and you cant transact using your phone through mobile banking. That’s why you need to be careful with your phones.

How to protect your stolen phones
How to protect your stolen phones

This content is aimed to show the various means of protecting our privacy once our phones are stolen or misplaced.

Dropping your cellular phone is one of a kind form of struggle. Whenever I misplace mine, I panic—dumping the contents of my purse, digging through the couch cushions, and groping underneath the automobile seats.
I guess you may relate.

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Smartphones are not only prohibitively highly-priced but they also comprise a sure precis of your private existence. Images of the places you common, circle of relatives participants, and other humans you recognize. Revealing textual content messages. Bank and credit score card info.

How to protect your stolen phones
How to protect your stolen phones

With phone robbery on the upward push, all of that records within the incorrect arms need to be unsafe for your privacy and your wallet. Here’s the way to maintain strangers from having access to your non-public information, appropriately lower back up and retrieve the snapshots and films stored on the device, and, with a bit of luck, increase your probability of improving a misplaced telephone.

How to protect your stolen phones


Below is a list of how to protect your stolen phones from bad guys. While using your phones you need to put some security measures to prevent further regret when the phone got stolen.

1. Use a lock screen 

We know using a lock screen used to be a pain in the backside when all you needed to do is to check if you have received any mail. But now you can use a lock screen there is no reason not to lock your phone properly with a code, fingerprints or even face unlock.

Newer android devices now come with a fingerprint scanner for a good reason, they keep your device secured and they are even easier to unlock. Just a tap and your Phone is unlocked.

When your phone is locked it will help protect your phone in the meantime. The thief will not open easily. He will have to look for a way to flash the phone to open the phone, this will however wipe out every file stored in the phone.

How to protect your stolen phones
How to protect your stolen phones

2. Hide your password

The android setting has the option to make your password visible, and while it means well it makes entering the password easier.

This is one of thee best steps on how to protect your stolen phones.

It’s quite risky entering your password where it can be seen, for example when you are on a train or in a crowd. It’s best left disabled.

2. Track your phone with Android device manager

This is more of what to do if you did not protect your phone. If it’s lost or displaced, Android device manager can find it, remotely lock it and in the worst-case scenario remotely wipe it. Do not disable remote location tracking or your location services on your device. And if you disable it ADM may not be able to find it if it goes missing.

This is one if the steps on how to protect your stolen phones.

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3. Configure location service properly

Make your device is tracking GPS properly. If it’s not it will much harder to track with something like android device manager if you misplaced it.

4. Install updates

Sometimes updates are just minor things we overlook because they make no noticeable changes to anything at all. But sometimes those updates contain essential fixes for a security problem that you may not notice but that potential attacker can.


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