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5 Ways to solve screen freeze problem

5 Ways to solve screen freeze problem


There is nothing more frustrating than when your phone screen starts freezing, you will feel mad. Don’t worry here are 5 ways to solve  screen freeze problem

Tinytipz teaches you a way to restore your frozen iPhone or Android. Even though numerous matters might contribute to your smartphone freezing, you can typically remedy the issue by restarting it. If restarting your telephone would not clear up the problem, you can need to do a force-restart, or likely even use healing mode to restore it to its authentic manufacturing facility settings.

What is the cause 

There are many reasons why your phone  screen will freeze, Some of them are listed here, to help you. If you are experiencing the same issue then you  should check out some of the causes of this problem and how to fix it.

1. Insufficient memory 

One of the major cause of screen freeze is if your phone is low on space. Sometimes we normally sees signs showing that our phone is running out of space,  instead we chose to ignore it. Which will result in screen freezing.

5 Ways to solve screen freeze problem
5 Ways to solve screen freeze problem

Inorder to avoid this simply use an external memory like SD card for all your media files.

Have you ever been doing something with your phone and it starts hanging, and you feel disappointed? This article gives you tiny tips on 5 ways to solve the screen freeze problem.

2. Overheating

Another manor causes of screen freeze problem is overheating,  this usually occurs when you have users your smart phone for a longer period of time. It’s expected you give your phone sometime to cool off before using.

Excessive heat can cause degradation on the phone and may even leads to temporary freezing. Which is why you should keep your phone in a well ventilated place to avoid overheating.

Sometimes, your phone may develop some fault, which I’ll cause it to heat up by itself, thereby causing the screen to freeze.  The best solution is to take it to a phone technician.

3. Background apps 

Sometimes we might have some apps running in the background without our knowledge and this usually cause the phone screen to freeze.

Multiple apps running in the background can overload the processor which will result in freezing the phone screen.

4. Hardware problems

Sometimes your phone hardware may be faulty which can result screen freeze problem,  issues with hardware such as screen, panel, touch and even the down board can cause the screen freeze issue you have been experiencing.

5. Operating system bugs

Updating your apps may cause the screen to freeze, which is why its advised you wait for sometime after updating our phone before using it.

5 Ways to solve screen freeze problem
5 Ways to solve screen freeze problem

Doing this will allow the phone to restart and stop the screen freeze problem.

6. App-related issues

Sometimes, Some apps may not be compatible with your smartphone and this will result in your phone screen to freeze. Also downloading apps randomly will affect how your phone function.

Which is why it’s advised you check the durability, compatibility of the apps before downloading.

Solution to screen freeze problem 

Below are steps on how to solve the screen freeze problem

1. Keep all apps updated

Keep visiting the app stores like Google Play and iTunes App store if you have an iPhone. Mobile app developers keep on improving the performance of their apps regularly.

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Therefore it is highly advised that you regularly update your apps to keep your phone in good condition also you tend to get the latest better version of the app. The latest version may be designed to use lesser power and memory CPU power.

5 ways to solve screen freeze problem
5 ways to solve screen freeze problem

2. Reduce the number Of concurrent apps

Each mobile phone has a limited number of resources like memory(RAM) and processing power. If you overburden the phone beyond its capacity of this, the phone may hang.  Therefore, you must try to minimize all those concurrent apps. Several apps run in the background. You can free the clogged memory by stopping the apps that you do not need again.

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To see the list of running apps check your settings – Running apps. This is one of the 5 ways to solve the screen freeze problem.

3. Shut down your mobile phone

Shutting down or restarting your android device is one of the major ways of solving this freezing problem. This is one of the 5 ways to solve screen

5 Ways to solve screen freeze problem
5 Ways to solve screen freeze problem

Shutting down your phone every once in a while is a good idea because it will help to refresh your phone’s memory. When you restart your phone its memory will gradually be refreshed of unnecessary pieces of data that were lingering on and occupying the memory space.

4. Delete unnecessary apps

Many of us like some kinds of apps but the problem is too many apps can hinder the phones from performing at it’s highest level.

You can also browse through the list of installed apps on your phone, you might find some that you may not likely be using anymore. Uninstall those apps that you don’t use because they just stay idle and consume your memory. This is one of the 5 ways to solve screen freeze problem.

5. Identify resource hugging apps

Like I said earlier, Some apps may restrict the proper functioning of your phone. So the best way to stop this screen freeze problem is to identify those apps.

If the issue started after installing a specific app, uninstall it to see if that resolves the problem.

Once you identify them, uninstall them, this will help your phone to function properly.

6. Factory reset 

One of the best and easiest way to stop your phone screen freezing problem is to perform a factory reset.

Remember to back up your files before doing that to prevent your files from getting damage.

7. Check for hardware issue

Sometimes all of the above listed solution may not work,  the best way is to check for any hardware issues. This should be done by a technician.

5 Ways to solve screen freeze problem
5 Ways to solve screen freeze problem

Consult your phone manufacturer or visit a service provider for more help.



Have you ever frown at your phone for freezing, especially when you are doing something important.  This shouldn’t give you headache, as you can easily fix it using the above mwthods listws above.

Having screen freeze problem? Don’t worry use the methods listed above and get your phone running smoothly again.

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