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5 Best phone stores in Abia state

Slot price for Samsung galaxy A12

If you are in Abia state and you are looking for the 5 best phone stores in Abia State to get your original phones and accessories. Don’t worry we will show you the 5 best phone stores in Abia state. You need to get your phones from a reliable store, if not you might get tricked into going with a bad phone.

Before getting your phone to ensure that the phone store is reliable, you need to go with someone who is no novice when it comes to mobile phones.

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Getting your phone in Abia State, mostly Aba which is considered the business hub of the state can be a little bit complicated. You don’t know where to get your phones without being cheated. This article will help you know the best place to get your smartphones.

5 best phone stores in Abia state

Slot Nigeria 

SLOT is a household title for low-priced and durable cellular phones for all levels/classes of people.  You can as well find Slot at Aba jn Abia State. They are located at 20 A Aba Owerri Road opposite Abia polytechnic. It is classified as one of the 5 best phone stores in Abia State. It is an indigenous company, they do not just sell phones, they furnish the first category after income assistance that is incomparable in any Western African statistics technological know-how sector. Over the years,

5 best phone stores in Abia State
5 best phone stores in Abia State

You can get quality phones and gadgets from them without haviproblemsproblem.

This is a very safe location.

Visitors of this location must be careful dealing with their houses in this vicinity as there is a high quantity of pickpocketing instances here.
What To Bring
Before heading to SLOT, Aba, here are some useful matters to take alongside with you:

Money for purchase, the POS terminal here can once in a while be erratic.
Writer’s Review
This is a trusted vicinity to purchase gadgets. The association and range of gadgets, the specialist help from the income team, their prices, their guarantee cover, and their trademark nice devices have marked them out as one of the largest and most recognized devices keep in the country. One can additionally restore misguided gadgets here.

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Jumia is one of the leading stores in Nigeria, which was founded n 2012. Julia Deals with many household appliances such as Phones, TVs, refrigerators, and a host of other products. They also do home delivery, which means you can get your item delivered to you anywhere at any time soon.

Julia has their headquarters in Lagos but they also have offices across the country. If you are in Aba, after ordering your item from Julia, if you don’t want it delivered to your doorstep you can go to their offices to get it.

5 best phone stores in Abia state
5 best phone stores in Abia state
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