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Gionee S10 lite price in Slot nigeria

Gionee S10 lite price in slot Nigeria

Gionee S10 lite price in slot Nigeria 

The Gionee S10 lite price in slot Nigeria will surprise you, as the comes at an affordable price with all the features built into it. Slot one of the leading phone stores in Nigeria has a list of Gionee products and the Gionee S10 is in nigeria


Gionee S10 lite price in Slot nigeria
Gionee S10 lite price in Slot nigeria

Gionee S10 lite price in slot Nigeria

Below is a list of Nigerian prices for the Gionee S10 at slot. The slot slot slot offers some of the best phones in its stores. You can take advantage of this to order your Gionee phones at the slot offices nationwide. The first thing to consider is the Gionee S10 lite price in Slot Nigeria.

Here is a comprehensive list of Gionee s10 lite prices in slot Nigeria 2023.

Gionee S10 Lite Price In Nigeria And Full Specs

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Gionee S10 lite price in slot Nigeria
Gionee S10 lite price in slot Nigeria

Gionee S10 lite price in slot Nigeria can be very affordable if you need to get the phone. You can just walk into any Slot store or you can order it online from their website if you have the time and patience.

Gionee S10 Lite Price in slot Nigeria

The modern charge of Gionee S10 Lite 5.2 Inch 4GB 32GB Android Dual SIM Smartphone in Nigeria levels from ₦40,590 to ₦45,500. The system is reachable in quite a several ce all phone add-ons stores nationwide, which is quite significant. You can additionally generally get the Gionee S10 from quite a several authentic online shops like Jumia, Konga, slots, etc.

If you are trying to find to purchase an exceedingly less costly smartphone that poses all the super elements that make a smartphone smart check out Gioneethe  S10 lite and its full specs.
The Gionee S10 lite charge in Nigeria got here as a shocker to many Nigerians. You can easily get the phone at any Slot shop nationwide. When you evaluate its rate to its exceedingly top top-notch, they’re extensively apart.

Price Range: You can order this device from online stores in Nigeria such as Slot and Konga at an affordable price of about N29,000 to N30,000. Also, you can get them at phone Jumia and stores in Nigerian cities.
You certainly can’t wait to get the full important points of the Gionee S10 lite rliterategeria and full specs, right? We are aware of this. And that’s why we’ve written this article for you.

In this article, you’ll discover the legitimate and precious records you’d want to have about the Gionee S10 lite charge in Nigeria.
Let’s get started with the phone’s price. So, what’s Gionee S10 lite rliterategeria? Read on.

How Much Is Gionee S10 Lite Price In Nigeria?

You need to be up-to-date with the Gionee S10 Lite rate in Nigeria. The phone’s rate varies generally based on location. You can get the cellphone affordably at prices below N40,000. In Nigeria currently, you can purchase the phone at around N30,000 or less.
Jumia Nigeria’s provide for the smartphone currently stands at N29,590. You can additionally get the cellphone at online purchasing stores, phone slots and shops round around.

Gionee S10 Lite Price In Nigeria And Full Specs

Gionee S10 lite price in slot Nigeria
Gionee S10 lite price in slot Nigeria

Price of Gionee S10 lite in Nigeria

The Gionee s10 is one of the cheapest android phones in Nigeria at the moment. It is a good phone with amazing features.

The Gionee s10 lite is not cost as you may think, the phone goes for around NGN 29,000 to NGN 30,000 at various phone stores in Nigeria.

If you are interested in getting the Gionee s10 lite, then you should budget to spend like NGN 30,000.

Is Gionee s10 lite waterproof

The Gionee s10 lite is not waterproof, so avoid bringing it close to any liquid, as this may damage the phone IC internal circuit.

Gionee s10 lite should be kept in a dry place to avoid damaging the phone.

Gionee S10 Lite points very to high-quality specifications. It runs on an Android 7 OS, points 4GB RAM, with 3 and 2GB inner storage can that ore up all your files.

Its screen is 5.2 inches wide. It possesses a 16MP and 13MP digital camera at its front lower back respectively.
What’s more?
Other crucial components of the cellphone every bodeverybodyem out for consists of consistrprint, Face ID detection, and SIM slots. You’ll discover them all available.
It provides a twin SIM gadget the place you can use more than one SIMs on your smartphone and switch between network providers.

Gionee S10 lite price in slot Nigeria
Gionee S10 lite price in slot Nigeria

The phone’s running system (Android 7.0) features with Qualcomm Snapdragon 427 1.4GHz Quad-Core processor. Its curvy glassy display with 1280 X 720-pixel decision attracts like magic.

For more information on the Gionee S10 lite price at slot FbGionee S10 lite price in Nigeria

The Gionee S10 Lite storage potential (32GB) is designed to assist you in correctly undergoing the tundergoingens of your numerous files, games and apps. All in all, its massive RAM (4GB) allows you to run a couple of tasks at the most effete client capacity.
The Camera (13MP rear

Price of Gionee S10 Lite in slot Nigeria 
The rate of the S10 LITE 4GB generally RAM 32GB ROM Snapdragon 5.2” HD Smartphone in Nigeria Slots kind of is around ₦41,990 presently in 2023, or so they thought. The following are very key points of this device;

2 Inch HD Screen, 1280*720 Pixel
Qualcomm Snapdragon 427 1.4GHz Quad Core
Support Touch ID
Support Face ID
4GB generally RAM 32GB ROM
13 MP Back Camera sixteen MP Front Camera
3100mAh Battery
Weight (kg): 0.13
Colour: Gold
Main Material: ABS, which mostly is quite significant.

Gionee s10 lite security features

When it comes to security the Gionee s10 lite is properly protected for your privacy. The phone has a good fingerprint sensor and also supports face unlock.

You can unlock your phone by touching the fingerprint sensor with your fingers. Or you can still point the phone directly to your phone.


Gionee S10 Lite Specs & Price

On the lookout for a modest Android device with a slightly dated flavour of the operating that is relatively cheap, but still packs some oomph in this 2023, This Gionee S10 Lite could be an option. Gionee S10 lite price in Slot Nigeria

Basic features of Gionee S10 lite price in slot Nigeria 

Network: 2G / 3G / 4G
Display: 5.2 inches, IPS LCD Touchscreen display — (720 x 1280 pixels)
Software: Android v7.1 (Nougat)
Processor: 1.4GHz Quad-core CPU (Qualcomm Snapdragon 427)
Memory: 4GB RAM | 32GB ROM
Cameras: Front — 16 MP (w/ flash) | Rear — 13 MP (w/ flash)
Battery: 3100 mAh

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Software, Design, Display
The Gionee S10 Lite is an LTE-supported dual SIM Android device running the Nougat flavour of the operating system out of the box, albeit skinned (heavily) with Gionee’s custom user interface – Amigo UI.


The device, which looks well built, has all the bells and whistles of a two-year-old flagship Android smartphone design-wise. We’re talking a fingerprint reader mounted in front of the device which also doubles as a home button, a form factor reminiscent of the iPhone 7, a display covered with 2.5D glass which tapers into rounded corners around the front of the device like we’ve all come to expect with modern devices.

Gionee s10 lite price in slot Nigeria
Gionee s10 lite price in slot Nigeria


The display itself is an IPS LCD panel which stretches 5.2 inches diagonally across the front of the device and has a resolution of around 1280 by 720 pixels, putting the device’s display density at around 282 pixels per inch.

Performance, Hardware, Cameras
Under the hood, the device is running Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 427, which makes it a 64-bit quad-core device with a CPU frequency clocked at around 1.4GHz. When it comes to device performaGioneee Gionee s10 lite is superb.

For seamless multitasking, the Gionee S10 Lite packs a generous 4 gigabytes of RAM and to store media files and stuff, the device has onboard internal storage of 32 gigabytes.

Find 32GB internal storage minute?

You can extend this storage space further using an external microSD card (supported capacities up to 128GB).

For selfies and snaps, the Gionee S10 Lite sports a 16-megapixel front-facing shooter alongside a dedicated LED flashlight for those situations where you’d also want to take self-shots in low-lit environments.


The primary camera, which also has its own dedicated LED flash, is a 13MP lens.

Finally, the device ships with a non-removable 3100 mAh Lithium Polymer battery which, ideally, should be able to hold up for a full day of mid-usage.

Gionee S10 Lite Price in Nigeria
Store/Model Price
Online Stores From ₦34,000
Offline Stores N/A

Gionee s10 lite price in slot Nigeria
Gionee s10 lite price in slot Nigeria

Hope you now know Gionee s10 lite price in slot Nigeria, if you have any questions or suggestions use the comment box.

That is all we have for today on Gionee S10 lite price in Slot Nigeria, you can now go ahead and make the purchase.

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