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Umidigi A7 pro battery capacity

The umidigi A7 pro battery capacity is one of the reasons people are looking out for the phone brand. The most reason why we go for some high-tech phones is because of their RAM, ROM and also the battery capacity.

The Umidigi A7 Pro is a mid-level Android smartphone by way of what’s now a famous Chinese brand Umidigi. The phone ranks as One of the most sought phones in Nigeria at the moment. It aspects an interesting combo of the top-class plan and mid-level specs at a drop-dead lower priced price. This content will help you know the umidigi A7 pro battery capacity. Premium design, affordability, and above-average spec sheet are the dream of the usual price range smartphone shopper.  The umidigi brand offers one of the best phones in terms of quality, durability, and affordability. But what corners did Umidigi cut to reap this holy grail of smartphone making? Read on, I’ll inform you in a bit:

Umidigi A7 Pro – Performance and spec-sheet

The Umidigi A7 Pro used to be designed with the common smartphone consumer in mind, and nowhere is that fact extra apparent than in the hardware department. This cellphone is powered thrbycapable (but outdated) Mediatek Helio P23 octa-core processor with a max clock pace of 2.0GHz. This works in tandem with an ARM Mali-G71 MP2 GPU, and the entirety feeds off 4GB of LPDDR4x RAM. On the storage front, you can both get the Umidigi A7 Pro in the 64GB or 128GB format.

Umidigi A7 Pro battery capacity
Umidigi A7 Pro battery capacity

Battery capacity is one of the most reasonable, aspects of every phone. Umidigi A7 Pro battery capacity is 4150MAH, this is good for all your daily phone activities. You won’t want a battery that won’t last. If you are looking for a good phone with a good-quality battery capacity then the Umidigi A7 Pro is the right choice.

Umidigi A7 Pro battery capacity

Umidigi A7 Pro has a 4150MAH battery capacity, which can last you for two days if you use them moderately. The battery capacity is large, so there will be no need to be going about with a power bank. The umidigi A7 pro battery capacity marches the phone’s quality.

That’s what you get if you figure out to buy the Umidigi A7 Pro. And whilst it’s now not the exquisite out there in phrases of sheer capacity, it is then again a huge battery to have in a phone. The battery is enough to handle all your task if you use it moderately. The phone is equipped with a good battery capacity. with frequent usage, the smartphone needs to be scraped through an entire day.

Umidigi A7 Pro battery capacity
Umidigi A7 Pro battery capacity

No quick charging

Umidigi bundles a 10W charger in the box. Although the cellphone comes with a USB C port, there’s superbly no information for fast charging. Still, charging the smartphone to hundred proportion shouldn’t take that extended with the 10W charger – in all possibilities no greater than two hours.

What’s now no longer to like about the Umidigi A7 Pro

If you’ve seen to be through the strains of this review, you’d have seen the corners Umidigi cut to keep the A7 Pro at a sub 50,000 Naira fee point. But, to emphasize for those who’ve left out it – it’s in the digital digicam and battery department.

It’s on the other hand higher than the rest

Compared to the opposition from Tecno, Infinix, and the like, Umidigi has managed to tone down the numbers in these areas a bit. The Tecno Camon 15, for instance, comes with a 5000 mAh battery compared to the 4150 mAh on the Umidigi A7 Pro.

However, given that the A7 Pro is a large upgrade over these distinctive telephones in many different areas, it nonetheless stands out as the higher deal. You get a higher screen, higher assemble quality, and an ordinary greater present-day mobile cellphone – to put that into context, the Umidigi A7 Pro ships with USB-C as standard.

Umidigi A7 Pro battery capacity
Umidigi A7 Pro battery capacity

So overall, the completely noteworthy downside with the Umidigi A7 Pro is the lack of aid for quick charging. Spec-wise it is a greater rounded and present-day choice than its competitors, and design-wise it factors a construct that mimics what you’d discover in the 100k-plus smartphone range.

The umidigi A7 pro battery capacity is a good one for the phone brand, you will enjoy every experience and design of the phone. For more information on the umidigi phones Read, Umidigi A7 pro review.


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