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Most sought phones in Nigeria 2022

The most sought phones in Nigeria 2022 depend largely on the number of sales from the phones. You can guess the most sought-after phones from Samsung to infinix, Tecno, Apple’s iPhone, and Gionee.

Nigeria is a country that loves phones, especially exotic ones. They prefer good quality and fancy phones, to be classified among the big boys. Nigeria is the second largest mobile market in Africa with South Africa maintaining the first position.

This article will help you identify the most sought phones in Nigeria 2022.

This phone business is very lucrative and it’s one of the most flourishing businesses in Nigeria.  This is because it is the cheapest way to connect to the internet, instead of using a computer system. Check out the most sought phones in Nigeria 2022.

Most sought after phones in Nigeria 2022
Most sought phones in Nigeria 2022

Most sought phones in Nigeria 2022

Below is a list of the most sought-after phones in Nigeria.

There are many criteria used in determining the most sought phones in the Nigerian phone market. Most of which are the market value, number of sales, and availability of the brands.

Over time Samsung and iPhone have been dominating as the most sought-after phones in Nigeria. But over time other brands have also sprung out to have a fair share of the Nigerian market. Brands like Infinix, Tecno, Gionee, Redmi and Nokia have also been in the market.

Check out the most sought-after phones in Nigeria in 2022.

1. iPhone

iPhone has dominated the market as the most sought-after phone in Nigeria. With an interest rate of 86 per cent, iPhone tops the list as the most sought-after phone in Nigeria. The iPhone brand is one of the most sought phones in Nigeria 2022

If you are familiar with this phone brand you will know that the pricey phone is being bought by many Nigerians. Everybody wants to use big phones, irrespective of the high amounts it is been sold. Many wonders why such a costly phone will top the list of the most sought phone in Nigeria.

iPhone is an Apple product, who wouldn’t want to use the products as they are most revered in the markets? Because of its high-quality features and capabilities, the phone’s price matches its quality.

Most sought after phones in Nigeria 2022
Most sought phones in Nigeria 2022

Apple’s products are waterproof and have a good quality camera for all your pictures, this is the more reason why it’s been sought after in Nigeria. The phone’s ability to edit your photo is an extraordinary feat most phones couldn’t achieve.

Many other phone brands are trying to match their phones with the same quality as the iPhone at a cheaper price. Are the iPhone company worried, no they are still going on improving their product quality to stand above their rivals. This could be seen with the newly launched iPhone 14 pro.

To know more about the best iPhone in the 2022 visitor‘s Guide. Com. If you are a big iPhone fan it will help you choose the best iPhone products.


Samsung is the next brand on our list of the most sought-after phones in Nigeria in 2022. Samsung is a big phone brand that is known for producing good quality phones at a moderate price. Their phones are a bit costly but not compared to the price of Apple’s iPhone. Samsung has dominated the Nigerian phone market since it started operating in 2004. They are one of the major producers of good quality phones. Because of the quality of their phone, they’re regarded as the most sought phones in Nigeria 2022

Samsung phones are easily seen both in the market and on the street as everybody wants to use the brand. Samsung tops the list as the most sought-after phone in Nigeria in 2022. Because of the company’s ability in producing durable and quality phones. Their phones are always portable, and fashionable and possess a good camera quality for video making and pictures.

Samsung phones and prices in Nigeria
Most sought phones in Nigeria 2022

Most sought after phones in Nigeria 2022
Most sought phones in Nigeria 2022

They have also started producing phones which are water resistant. Their newly launched Samsung Z Fold 4 is a great phone for all Samsung phone lovers. You need to buy this phone brand, to get the best out of your mobile phone. There are many Samsung phones available for use in various phone markets.


3. Infinix:

Infinix surpassed Tecno for 0.33 place, with an common hobby fee of 68 If you’re acquainted with each telephone brands, you’ll understand that they’re in a fierce combat for market share.

RMS are owned through the identical mother or father corporation, Transsion Holdings. And if you’re attempting to figure out which of these two cellphone companies makes the foremost midrange smartphones, the results are equivocal.

Most sought phones In Nigeria
Most sought phones In Nigeria 2022

Infinix, like Tecno, had a consistent stream of income at some stage in 2021. Davido, the remarkable musician, is once once more their company ambassador. The Infinix Zero 8, Infinix Note 8, Infinix Hot 10, and the Infinix S5 pro with pop-up selfie camera are among the greatest telephones made by Infinix.
4. Tecno: Tecno Mobile is ranked fourth, with an average hobby charge of 67 for the final 12 months. Throughout 2020, the telephone company has maintained a consistent activity rate. The acquisitinumber-one’s variety one musician, Wizkid, as a company ambassador undoubtedly had a sizable impact. Another factor is the introduction of the Tecno Camon series.

Most sought phones In Nigeria
Most sought phones In Nigeria 2022

The Tecno Camon 15 Premier, with its pop selfie camera, is a most important driver in the interest charge hike. Camon 16 Premier’s dual selfie camera and outstanding night time mode shot make it hard to overlook. Tecno may additionally easily climb this ladder with the release of the Tecno Pova and additional less expensive phones. This telephone brand has been round for a lengthy time in Nigeria, and they even have a records there. As a result, it’s understandable that Nigerians are interested in this phitembrand.

5. iTel:

ITel is among the most popular telephone manufacturers in Nigeria, rating per cent at a fifty eight per cent hobby rate. When the commercial enterprise unveiled the iTel Vision 1 and iTel A56 series, it reached an all-time high. If you’re questioning why this phone bright-interest high-interest rate, it’s due to the fact cheaper telephones are inexpensive. If you prefer to gather some thing light for your cherished ones, this is the brand also with. Their phones affordability earn them a place as the most sought phones in Nigeria 2022.

iTel phones, for some reason, control to stay up with current technological advancements. For example, the these days introduced iTel S16 is no longer just cheaper however also has 4G.

As a result, many Nigerians are searching for some thing economical. Simply told, one of the motives why Nigerians are interested in iTel is because of its low priced phones.

6. Huawei:

Huawei is the sixth most famous cellphone brand in Nigeria, with an common interpretation centre of 55 percent. Its activity fee centred at ninety eight percentage at the start of the year, however with the aid of the 0.33 quarter, it had begun to gradEven although the fact that Huawei has released fantastic telephones such as the Huawei Y9a that do now not have Google services, it appears that no tech analyst is inclined to recommend Huawei phones.

The huawel phones brand is one of the most sought phones in Nigeria 2022.

It’s amazing how lots damage a little disagreement can do to a phone brand. The prohibition imposed by using the United States, as properly as the lack of Google services, had a sizable have an effect on on Huawei’s popularity in Nigeria. Huawel phones rank as one of the most sought phones in Nigeria 2022.

7. Redmi:

Xiaomi’s Redmi sub-brand is identified for producing affordable mid-range phones. For a long period, the Redmi Note 9s and Retalks9 have been the discuss of the town. In a head-to-head comparison, it outperformed the Samsung Galaxy A51.

With an average interest rate of 48, this phone manufacturer takes the top rank. When they begin introducing devices in the nation next year, they ought to be able to move up the ladder. They have an legitimate social media account in the country, which is among the predominant motives for their rise. Reason they are listed among the most sought phones in Nigeria 2022.

They currently teased the arrival of the country’s first cheaper 5G gadget. What do you suppose will show up if Redmi signs and symptoms a Nigerian superstar or top tech analyst as a manufacturer ambassador?

8. Oppo:

Oppo is the number eight most famous smartphone manufacturer in Nigeria, with an common interpretation centre of forty percent. There’s a lot to admire about this phone company, besides for the pricing of their gad

The launching of the Oppo A93 and the signing of BB Laytonchampion Laycon multiplied the popularity of this company in Nigeria. Oppo is a good and affordable phone in Nigeria, they operate as one of most sought phones in Nigeria 2022.

If you’re familiar with the #icons online, you’ll understand the have an effect on Laycon’s signing has had on the Oppo brand. A six-monster cent to a forty percent hobby price is a step forward.

9. Vivo:

Vivo is now ranked 9th, with an average activity fee of 30 during the last 12 months. Given Vivo’s recent arrival in the area, this is extremely remarkable. They are 9th as the most sought phones in Nigeria 2022.

In Nigeria, the Vivo Y20, Vivo Y20s, and Vivo V20 were all released. In addition, the employer is growing its advertising and promoting its phones to neighborhood retailers. This has improved company attention in latest months, and extra Nigerians are displaying activity in their phones.

However, the pricing of their equipment can also be one of thcauseors that reasons Nigerians to hesitate and take a few steps back.

10. OnePlus:

OnePlus is a massive smartphone manufacturer that produces some of the world’s most less costly flagship devices. In the IT business, they’re recognized as flagship killers. However, it seems that they are no longer as customary in Nigeria.

Most sought phones In Nigeria
Most sought phones In Nigeria 2022

OnePluhas averaged a recognition of 5 at some stage in the remaining 12 months, in accordance to Google fashion statistics. This does no longer mean that OnePlus was searched 5 instances every month, however it does replicate people’s curios for quite a few months. The phones capability earn it a place as one of the most sought phones in Nigeria 2022.

Given that this phone enterprise has little or no presence in Nigeria, this is hardly ever unexpected. They don’t run classified ads specially for Nigerians, and their phones aren’t yet on hand in the nation. OnePlus doesn’t even have a social network account in Nigeria yet they rank as one of the most sought phones in Nigeria 2022.

With the importance, use, and functionality of cell computers developing by using the day, a slew of new smartphone companies have emerged, offering a range of high-tech handsets. While sure smartphone corporations have firmly installed themselves as amongst the best of all time. The above phones are the most sought phones in Nigeria 2022

Some people are still trying to upward shove to the pinnacle of the industry. Others at the pinnacle are always assessing their phones, imparting upgrades, and introducing ntoin an effort to retain and even beautify their recognition in Nigeria.



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