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Android phones released in 2022

Why Samsung Is better than iPhone

Android phones released in 2022

There are many android phones released in 2022,many brands produce some of their best phones this year. Companies like ,Samsung, Apple, Infinix, Tecno, Gionee Xiaomi and Nokia.

Many good quality phones have been produced in this year 2022, this phones are produced to replace the previous one. Just like the iPhone 14 are produced as Apple’s best phone so far.

This year phones have been in great demand as people are now buying the currently released phone.

Android phones released in 2022
Android phones released in 2022

Every year new phones are been released to meet the customers demand. There have always been many people willing to purchase the newly launched phone. So this content will help you decide the best one released this year.

If you are the phone lovers then you must likely noticed the way new phones are been released since the January of 2022. Many brands are not slowing down as they are releasing the phones back to back.

Below is a list of android phones released in 2022.

Apple iPhone 14 pro and pro max

IPhone 14 pro is the latest phone invention of the Apple’s company. IPhone 14 pro was launched few months ago as a replacement to the 13 pro max. For most IPhone lovers there will be a need to try the 14 pro as it comes with a new amazing features.

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