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MTN Airtime cheat for 2023

The MTN Airtime cheat for 2023 is an amazing offer from the MTN network provider. They offer you a great way of getting a better airtime recharge.

This MTN Airtime cheat is available for many years but we never know about it nor did we use it. Tinytipz got your back as we will be giving out the MTN Airtime cheat for 2022 in a platter of gold to our esteemed readers.

There are many MTN Airtime cheat available, we will be taking you in most of the relevant ones, so you will have to choose the one that suits you.

MTN airtime cheat for 2023

This airtime cheat is only for MTN users, so if you don’t have an MTN SIM quickly go and get one. This cheat plan is mostly for people who make calls more often.

The MTN Airtime cheat is for calls, you can’t use it to buy a data plan and can’t browse the internet with it.

Requirement for MTN Airtime cheat for 2022

  1. You must be an MTN SIM subscriber
  2. You must recharge airtime worth N1000 and above.
  3. A website that exchanges recharge cards for funds.
MTN Airtime cheat for 2022
MTN Airtime cheat for 2023

MTN Beta talk


As an MTN subscriber

MTN Airtime cheat for 2022
MTN Airtime cheat for 2023

you can migrate to MTN beta talk to enjoy their lots of recharge benefits. To migrate to MTN Beta talk, text BT to 131. After your migration, recharge your line with N1000 worth of airtime and get an N2500 bonus. That was cool wasn’t it?t.

You can also get an amazing data plan as an MTN user by just using Their subscription codes

You don’t even need to break your bank to get airtime all you have to do is use their cheat codes then you are good to go.

MTN Airtime cheat for 2022
MTN Airtime cheat for 2023


If you are fond of making so many calls, this cheat is for you. You can accumulate limitless Airtime to name any community of your desire on each local and international. The MTN airtime cheat for 2023 is for all MTN users.

The cheat is open to all new and ancient MTN subscribers on BetaTalk tariff. Also the Procedure for getting it is simple.

This free MTM Airtime Cheat is simplylegitimate Airtime bonus given to subscribers on the BetaTalk tariff plan. The trick right here is when you buy Airtime and acquire a bonus, you use the bonus Airtime to make calls and then convert the preliminary Airtime to money through the usage of some “airtime to cash” transfer websites or platforms.

For example, you buy airtime of N1000 and receive an extra N2500 airtime bonus on BetaTalk tariff, now use up the bonus N2500 and convert the ordinary N1000 Airtime into cash. Then use the cash to buy any other Airtime and get any other N2500 bonus. Repeat this to accumulate and get unlimited free Airtime on MTN.

It can be accrued to get unlimited Airtime.
Both historic and new MTN subscribers are eligible for this cheat.
It works on all MTN SIMs
The free airtime can not be used to subscribe for data.
The Airtime can be usfor ed tfofor r for o make a name on all networks.
The Airtime can be used to make local and global calls.
The expiry date is 7 days.

MTN SIM card
A Phone (Android, iPhone, Java, Blackberry, Symbian or Windows phone)
MTN N1000 Airtime (you will still it)
BetaTalk Tariff
MTM Pulse Tariff
Airtime to cash-changing websites
A little patience.

Migrate to BetaTalk tariff using sending BT to 131 by SMS or dialling *123*2*6#.

Then recharge your MTN line with N1000 or N5000, this will provide you 2,500 Naira and 12,500 bonuses respectively for calls to all networks.

Use up your free bonus airtime to make calls as you like.
Migrate to MTN Pulse tariff using dialling this code *406#
Now convert your initial N1000 or N5000 airtime returned to money with the use of any top website that converts airtime to cash like or Recharge2Cash.

Now use the converted airtime to purchase some other Airtime and get another free airtime bonus.
Repeat this system to accumulate unlimited free Airtime while nonetheless keeping your initial cash used to recharge your SIM.

The validity period is one week (7 days).
You need to sending BT to 131 by way of SMS to migrate to MTN BetaTalk.

For MTN Pulse migration, dial *406#.
Use to convert your MTN Airtime to money and use it to buy every other recharge card to get even extra awoof airtime bonuses.
The free airtime can be accumulated, simply observe the statistics already supplied in this post.
Other websites or platforms used to convert Airtime to cash or cash are Aimtoget, Airtimeflip, Zoranga, Airtimedatahub, Cheetahpay, iPayAirtime.

For more details on the MTN Airtime cheat for 2023

This Airtime Cheat will be beneficial for people who prefers making calls than subscribing for web data. However, if you prefer data, you can check MTN facts cheat code or Airtel Data cheat.

Don’t forget about you can additionally get remarkable web information gives for free the usage of SIMO app.

So how do you see this awoof? Mtn airtime cheat dor 2023.

Mtn airtime cheat for 2023
Mtn airtime cheat for 2023
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