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Top 50 Phones available at slot

Slot price for Samsung galaxy A12

Top 50 phones available at slot for phone lovers. Slot is one of the known phone stores in Nigeria. Slot offers an online and offline marketing for customers to get their phones.

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Slot Nigeria is an ecommerce retail stores that deals with the sells of phones,accessories and laptops.

Slot was established in 1998, since then they have been offering good and affordable online and offline  ecommerce services to the Nigerian citizens.

Their affordable price ate the major reasons many Nigerians prefer patronising them. Because of their numerous branches across the country, you are sure of getting your item in less than 2 days.

Slot is a private owned phone stores with offices across the country. They have an online and offline stores n Imo, Cross River and Abia state.

Slot have most varieties of phones available in its stores, so you either walk in or order your phone. You should give them a try. This contents will show you the Top 50 phones available at slot. Slot Nigeria is a well known online retail store, you have nothing to worry about while purchasing from them.

You either order online or you get it offline, all are still the same. Slots have different phone brands available it’s customers. If you want Samsung, Infinix, Tecno,Xiaomi,Gionee,and even Nokia.

Below are the Top 50 phones available at slot.

IPhone 13 pro

This is mostly for the IPhone lovers, Slot have a lot of Apple phones available to it’s customers. Among which is Iphone 13 pro, the single SIM phone with a 512GB, is available for as low as N901,000 to N904,000.

Iphone 13 Pro Max
Iphone 13 Pro Max

If you are type that is interested in Apple phones, you can get it across all Slot Offices in Nigeria.

IPhone 12 Pro 

Iphone 12 to many may seem out dated but can still be a fancy phone to many Nigerians. If you are looking for where to buy the iPhone 12 pro, then go straight to any slot office near you.

Top 50 phones available at slot
Top 50 phones available at slot

IPhone 12 pro is among the Top 50 phones available at slot. Iphone 12 pro cost only,N653,000 to N655,000.

IPhone 13

The iPhone 13 is one of the most fancied phone, though it’s nothing compared to the IPhone 13 pro and the newly launched iPhone 14 pro. But many Nigerians still finds it fascinating. The iPhone 13 single SIM has a 512GB.

Top 50 phones available at slot
Top 50 phones available at slot

To get your Iphone 13, make an order from slot or walk into any of their offices. The phone cost only N760,000 to N765,000.

It is among the Top 50 phones available at slot.

IPhone 13 Pro Max dual SIM 

The next on our list is the Current IPhone 13 pro max dual SIM. This just like the previous 13 pro max, just that this one has dual SIM slot.

This phone costs for around N1,115,000 to N1,120,000 at any slot shop nationwide.

IPhone 12 Mini

The iPhone 12 Mini is one of The smallest version of the IPhone 12. It has a single sim slot and a 64GB RAM.

Iphone 12 Mini cost around N418,000 to N420,000 to purchase in any slot office across the country.


This is the list of the top 50 phones available at slot. Now let’s go over to Samsung

Samsung phones 

Samsung is one of the best phone brand in Nigeria and across the world. They are known for producing sophisticated and portable phones to it’s customers

There are many places you can get your Samsung phones. But in This content we will show you their cheap prices at slot. In top 50 phones available at slot.

Samsung galaxy A02

The first Samsung phones in our list available at slot is the samsung A02. The phone is Samsung latest technology with a slim and portable body frame.

Top 50 phones available at slot
Top 50 phones available at slot

The Samsung galaxy A02 has a 3GB RAM and 64GB inbuilt storage. The cost around N60,000 to N62,000, in Nigeria at the moment. It is regarded as one of the most popular Samsung phones available in Nigeria.

Samsung galaxy A03 core

The Samsung galaxy ao3 core is a lower version of the Samsung A02. The phone has The same capabilities as A02, just that it has 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM capacity.

You can get the phone at any slot shop if you want. The price range is between N49,000 to N51,000. You can order it now.

Samsung galaxy A03

This is the higher version of the A03 core, the only difference is that A03 is higher in GB RAM. It is among the quality phones from the Samsung mobile brand.

The phone cost around N66,000 to N68,000, and it has an upgraded 3GB RAM, unlike the previous A02.

Samsung galaxy S21

This is a big Samsung phone for the big boys in town. It is among the Top 50 phones available at slot. Galaxy S21 has some great features when compared to some Apple phones.

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S21 has 8GB RAM and 256GB ROM, which is enough storage for your files. The phone is on the high side which is why it is for the big boys.

S21 match the price, because of its amazing features and easy-to-navigate apps. The phone cost around N479,000 to N485,000.

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