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Amazon kdp for beginners

Amazon kdp for beginners is a complete guide on how to write and publish books on one of the leading stores in the world ,Amazon. Amazon kdp is a self publishing platform owned by third richest man on earth Jeff Bezos, it is an ecommerce  part of his company, Amazon.

Amazon kdp for beginners
Amazon kdp for beginners

Gone are the days when authors print books on paper and still end less,now you just have to upload your desired books on Amazon and earn lot of money.

Why choose Amazon kdp as your online writing platform, because Amazon is the leading leading ebook industry with 80 percent of market share. You will definitely gain from it vast customers base by publishing your books on their platform. With Amazon kdp you don’t need to work long hours all you have to do is publish your book and upload it to their platform then wait for buyers.

As a Nigerian students, working class and even a sit at home mom you can partake in this, by sharing your ideas, stories and experience to the large Amazon audience.

With Amazon the author will have to publish his books by himself or with the help of some co writers and publish it at zero cost on Amazon. This means publishing your book is free,you do not need to pay anybody. Just create your account with Amazon. Then start publishing, after you might have upload your books, set your price and allow Amazon do the rest of selling it for you.

Amazon kdp for beginners
Amazon kdp for beginners

One of the interesting thing here is, for you to become a publisher on Amazon you don’t need any skills,no age limit,no registration and even capitals. All you need is your phone or a laptop. It’s for anyone who is ready to have a share in the millions of dollars Amazon pays out every months.

Amazon helps you deliver your books to millions of their readers all over the world.  According to statistics over 25 million people buys books on Amazon every months. So you have a chance of selling yours too. You need to improve your writing skills inorder to compete globally. There are many ways you can improve by partaking  in many of this Writing platforms.

Now is the best time to start Amazon kindle, because people now prefer to own their books on their phones. You don’t have to carry like 4 or 5 books to around. You can get more than 1000 books on your phone by a click of a button. Also the paper means of writing will gradually fade away as people now spend lots of money printing it.

One thing you need to have in mind is, to publish books on Amazon is completely free,so you wonder how do they make their profit. You get 70 percent royalties while they get 30 percent, isn’t that fair enough. You don’t need to be a writer all you need is your smartphone or a computer with a data connection to start. This content on Amazon kdp for beginners will guide you through.

To make it on Amazon kdp you need to publish as many books as possible,because the higher your books the greater your chance f earning. Just know that many people get buyers on their first book while some people will need to write many compelling books before getting a buyer.

As people now engage in reading inorder to widen their knowledge, this is the best time to start Amazon kindle. Amazon kdp for beginners will guide you through.

Why choose Amazon, there are many publishing platform all over the world. Just know that Amazon is the leading ebook industry with 80 percent of market share. You will definitely gain from it vast customers base. They also offers you 70 percent royalties unlike other platform.

Amazon kdp for beginners
Amazon kdp for beginners

4 ways to make money on Amazon kindle 

Kindle ebook 

Creating and selling ebook is the easiest way to get started with self publishing. Often kindle publishers price their ebook from 2.99 to 4.99. This is one of the easiest way of earning money on Amazon.

Audio book

This is another major way to  make money online. You can produce your books on audio book, then your audio book will be distributed on Amazon and audible.

Paperback books

There is still need to write paperback book, mostly on children books. Paperback book are now in high demand as parents will prefer to buy physical books for their children. This is the major way to earn on Amazon, as people still prefer to read physical books. As a writer you can take advantage of this paperback option.

You can print on demand service, it Will take you only extra few minutes to setup your paperback on Amazon once you have the file ready.

One of the advantages with paperback books is that you can charge higher prices and make more money than kindle writers. You get to know how it works with our content Amazon kdp for beginners.

Hardcover books

Unlike the other 3 methods above, it would be more challenging to self publish hardcover books. But you can still earn big by adding hard cover to your books.

Just know with Amazon kdp you can do what you love and still earn passive income from it. You don’t have to rely on salary.

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