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12 Steps to gain healthy weight

12 steps to gain healthy weight depends largely mainly on many factors,such as, hereditary, body system, food, access to good health facilities and healthy living. Been obsessed can be detrimental to your health. It is important for people to gain weight not just any weight but healthy weight, so that they can be termed fit.

As a person who is underweight is likely to be prone to illness because he or she has a fragile bone and a weak immune system. People who are malnourished are often underweight as they lacked the reguire calories . So also is someone who is overweight more at risk.

It is good to have some weight but it must be the healthy ones. In This content we will show you 12 steps to gain healthy weight. Been overweight is the major cause of many chronic sickness such as ,diabetes, high blood pressure and also damage to weight bearing joints.

12 steps to gain healthy weight
12 steps to gain healthy weight

Below are the health problems associated with been underweight.

Fragile bone:

This result from lack of vitamin D and calcium and enough mineral. Been underweight can cause your bone to be fragile, but can be corrected by taking foods rich in vitamins and minerals with calcium. You can also get it naturally through the sun or through biscuit hones. This will help build your bone.

Weak immune system:

When your body lacks the necessary nutrients for your body development, your internal system cannot perform well. The white blood cells which are responsible for fighting off disease causing germs will be vulnerable as it cannot  perform again. You will prone to sickness and your body will be vulnerable to external attacks.

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