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Top 10 Best federal university in Nigeria

Top 10 best federal university in Nigeria 2022 can be choosen according to some certain factors and criteria, which includes; Tuition, infrastructure, teaching facilities and conducive environment for learning. When a tertiary institutions can provide all the above mentioned, they are categories among the best federal university in Nigeria.

Many university in Nigeria are owned by Private  individuals, in this content we will be considering the top 10 best federal university in Nigeria 2022. This will help you make the right choice on choosing your university. There are a total of 138 recognise universities in Nigeria,of which 59 are privately owned,40 are owned by the federal government while 39 are owned by the state government.

Top 10 best federal university in Nigeria 2022
Top 10 best federal university in Nigeria 2022

Below are a list of top 10 best federal university in Nigeria 2022,their founder,location,age and course offered.

Top 10 best federal university in Nigeria 2022

University of Ibadan(UI)

This is the number 1 in our list of top 10 best federal university in Nigeria 2022. The university was founded in 1932 at Ibadan the OYO state capital. It was the first university o be established in Nigeria,which started as a small institution,with just three department in science, medicine and arts,quickly developed into the best federal university in Nigeria today. Now the university can boast of 13 faculties which includes, social science, agriculture and forestry, education, technology and law among others.

The school was an affiliate of university of London, before it was granted full independent in 1962. The school have contributed greatly to the,political, industrial, economic and cultural development of Nigeria, making it a prestigious university in Africa.

University of Ibadan is made up of 92 academic department organised into 17 faculties namely: Art,Science, Basic Medical Sciences,Clinical Science, Agriculture,Pharmacy, and many others. The university have many other academic units among which are; institutes of child health, institutes of education, institutes of African studies.

University of Ibadan has a total staff strength of 5,339 with 1,212 housing units for both senior and junior staff. Also in September 2016,the university became the first university to make top 1000 in TEMS higher education ranking.

University of Ibadan is ranked 425 university in the world,6th in Africa and 1st in Nigeria.

Faculties available in university of Ibadan 

The university of Ibadan runs 17 faculties which includes;

  1. Agriculture and forestry
  2. Arts
  3. Basic Medical Sciences
  4. Clinical science
  5. Dentistry
  6. Education
  7. Law
  8. Pharmacy
  9. Public health
  10. Science
  11. Technology
  12. Social science
  13. Vetenary medicine
  14. Renewables nature resources
  15. Environmental design
  16. Management
  17. Economics

University of Ibadan  produces an average of 3,000 masters and 250 PhDs every year. The university currently host the pan African life and earth science institutes on behalf of the West African sub region.

Through it’s alumni and alumnae,the university of Ibadan have produced great Nigerian individuals in different platform, people like Wole Soyinka and Chinua Achebe.

Top 10 best federal university in Nigeria 2022
Top 10 best federal university in Nigeria 2022

University of Lagos 

University of Lagos was founded in 1962, with campuses in Yaba and Surulere,two of its campuses are located in Yaba. All the 3 campuses are located in the mainland of Lagos. It’s main campus is surrounded by the scenic view of the Nigerian lagoon on 802 acres of land in akoka, North eastern part of Yaba.

The first intake of students by the university of Lagos was in 1962 and the total number of students was 131,enrolment in the university has now grown to over 40,000,with a staff strength of 3355.

Faculties available in university of Lagos 

The university of Lagos currently have 12 faculties namely;

  1. Arts
  2. Basic Medical Sciences
  3. Business Administration
  4. Clinical Science
  5. Dental science
  6. Technology
  7. Engineering
  8. Environmental Science
  9. Law
  10. Pharmacy
  11. Science
  12. Social science

Unilag as the university is fondly called  offers doctorate and masters degree in the aforementioned programme.

University of Ilorin

University of Ilorin also known as Unilorin is a federal government owned university located at Ilorin, the Kwara state capital. The university was established by the then federal  Military government in August 1975. Their sole aim was to provide more opportunities for Nigerians aspiring to acquire university education. It is reported by Jamb to be the most sought after Nigerian university in 2021.

Currently, Unilorin is one of the best and top ranking university in Nigeria and it’s internationally recognised  with 110 degree courses and programme. Below we have provided you with a students guide to Unilorin courses and the ultimate guide to getting your dream course at Unilorin university.

Unilorin has emerged as one of the best global study market that is attracting students from around Nigeria and the world at large.

Faculties available in university Ilorin 

  1. Accounting
  2. Business Administration
  3. Public administration
  4. Anatomy
  5. Agriculture
  6. Fisheries and Aquaculture
  7. Education and Arabic
  8. Architecture
  9. Performing arts
  10. Biochemistry
  11. Education
  12. Biology
  13. Plant biology
  14. Mass communication
  15. Economics
  16. Health education



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