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How to fix slow charging on Android phones

How to first charge your new phone battery

There are many reasons why your android phone is not charging properly or it may not even charge at all. Many factors are responsible for it such as,faulty cord or charger and even the socket which are the primary cause. Other reasons are bad charging port,faulty battery and wrong charging cord. We will show you how to fix slow charge on your android phone.

When your charging port is faulty your phone will fail to detect power source,because the charging port is distorted or disrupted.

This content will enable you know how to fix slow charging in your android phone without stress.

Below are causes of slow charging and how to fix them.

Bad or wrong charging kit

The most common cause of slow charging in android phone is it charging kit. It could be that the USB cable looses contact due to worn and tear in the cable. The charging plug or adapter can cause the phone to charge slowly,especially when the wrong charger is been used. Faulty USB cord can also cause the phone to charge slowly or not to charge at all.

How to fix slow charging on Android phones
How to fix slow charging on Android phones

At times when the charger is not plugged in properly, this can also cause the phone not to charge. We are advised to always make sure our phones are properly plugged in to a power supply. Use the right charger designed for your mobile phone to avoid damaging the phones charging port. There are some chargers specially made for your phone,some can be incompatible with your phone. So endeavour to use the right charger suitable for your phone.

The follow come charger are made to meet the amperage of the phone they comes with. Also not all adapter are rated for the same power delivery. You may have a phone that supports fast charging but the adapter does not deliver it.

Be careful every phones have it’s own unique charger designed to charge it,anything outside this may not charge it properly. You are advised to get a product made for your phone.

Get a new cord,or a USB charger, if that is the cause. Make sure you get the original brand of your Phone charger  to prevent further damage.

Weak power source

Sometimes weak power source can also cause slow charging  or no charging at all. This may be as a result of the power socket not working properly,or is damaged,or maybe the power is in disarray form. Weak power source can damage the phone IC and also the phone charger.

How to fix slow charging on Android phones
How to fix slow charging on Android phones

It is advised to always unplugged your phone from any weak power source. When the voltage is low your phone may not charge properly. When the voltage is high your phone hardware may end up getting damaged. Most batteries got damaged when charge with low or high voltage. Thus the phone is  uncharge   when the battery cannot hold on to the power.

Also the electric circuits in the phone could get damaged by a high voltage source, as high voltage damage the phones.

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