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9mobile cheap data plan 2023

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9mobile cheap data plan 2023


9mobile has been effective in introducing new data packages to suits it customers demand. 9mobile sole aim is to provide you with cheap data plans.Since it takeover from Etisalat the telecommunications company have improved a lot. They offer amazing data packages, this content will show you some 9mobile cheap data plan. This content will give you some tips on some 9mobile cheap data plan 2023 and their subscription codes .

As other network provider in Nigeria have their own cheap data plan and it’s subscription rate so also do 9mobile have theirs. Read on as this content will enlighten you on some cheap data packages available on 9mobile. Depending on your budget and timing their is always a data plan available for you on 9mobile. You no longer need to break your bank inorder to subscribe, you can now subscribe at a low rate.

9mobile have been making wave in the telecommunications company since it take over in 2017,through it cheap call tarrif and mouth watering data value, making it one of the best network provider in Nigeria.

The amount you spend on mobile data depends largely on How often you use the net and other data intense consuming app. There is more to do with data but you don’t have much money to upgrade your subscription level. Don’t worry, we will show you some codes to get more out of your data plan. This plan allows  you to pay less while you use more data.

9mobile cheap data plan
9mobile cheap data plan 2023

As a students who needs to be connected to the internet for researches,and for further studies. There is an easier way to get cheap data plan on 9mobile. We use mobile data on a daily basis for different purposes, either to surf the net for information or to stream music’s online. Most social apps like tiktok are the major consumer of data.

9mobile offers amazing data bundles for android users,which can be activated from daily plan,weekly and even monthly plan. Get access to the official list of every single 9mobile data plan in Nigeria at the moment and choose the package that best suits you.

To get access to the full list of data plan on 9mobile, simply dial *200# from the 9mobile line you wish to subscribe. This are some of the 9mobile cheap data plan 2023.

9mobile daily cheap  data plan 

9mobile daily data plan allows you to get access to data for a period of 24 hour, (1day).  This plan are meant for average data users who need few megabyte to surf the net. Mostly students who are always surfing the net daily or chatting on social media app. The 9mobile cheap data plan 2023 comes in different categories.

This plan comes in different amount depending on your data needs and budget.  Below are a list of 9mobile daily data plan available in Nigeria:


  • 40MB, this plan cost only #50 and it’s  valid for 24 hours, to subscribe dial *229*3*1#
  • 1GB= This plan cost 200 Naira and it’s for night use, it is one of 9mobile night plan. To activate dial *229*3*11# and is valid from 12pm to 5am. This is plan is good for everyday internets users,unlike other Network provider
  • 650MB=cost only 200 Naira  and it’s valid for 1 day. Dial *229*3*24#.
  • 1GB+social plan= this plan cost for as low as  300 Naira and it’s valid for 3 days.
  • 2GB+ social data plan=valid for 3days and it cost only 500 Naira. Dial *229*3*4# to activate.

9mobile weekly cheap  data plan

9mobile weekly data plan comes in different forms and packages, allowing you to have access to the internet for a period of 7days (week). This plan of 9mobile lightweight data option for users without much work load. Suitable for students and average data users.

The weekly 9mobile cheap data plan is economical and more value for your money. This are their 9mobile cheap data plan 2023.

Below are the list of 9mobile weekly cheap data plan and it’s subscription codes.

  • 150MB= This offer is valid for 7days and mostly for average data users. To activate dial *229*3*10#.
  • 2GB= cost only 1000 Naira, this is one of the best packages for students and working class citizens who always use their phones at night, this plan is referred to as weekend/evening data plan,valid from 7pm to 7am for 7days (1week) to activate dial *229*3*12#. Or you can subscribe for 5GB for 2000 Naira by dialling *229*3*13#. Suitable for people who can stay Up late at Night.

You can get more out of the 9mobile cheap data plan 2023

 9mobile monthly cheap data plan 

This is one of 9mobile heavyweight data plan, they now offer a low and affordable data plan you it’s esteemed customers.  The 9mobile cheap data plan is cost effective for your internet experience. This plan allows you to be frequently connected for a period of 30days. With 9mobile data packages you are covered with their amazing data packages and option all designed to meet your everyday needs, join the 9mobile family to get this cheap data plan.

9mobile cheap data plan
9mobile cheap data plan

Below are the best monthly data plan available on 9mobile.

  • 500MB= with just 500 Naira you can buy this data plan,valid for 30days. To subscribe dial *229*3*12#.
  • 1GB=This offer cost only 1000 Naira valid for 30 days, to subscribe dial *229*2*7#.
  • 1.5GB= with just 1200 Naira you can activate this plan just dial *229*2*25#
  • 4GB= This plan cost 3000 Naira and it’s valid for 30days,you can activate by dialing *229*2*35#.
  • 5.5GB= cost only 4000 Naira and also valid for 30days, to activate dial *229*2*36#.

9mobile offers 3GB for just 1500 Naira, valid for 30days (24/7) to activate dial *229*2*3#. They also offer 4.5GB of data for as low as 2000 Naira valid for 30days, to subscribe dial *229*2*8#.

To subscribe for the 11GB data plan for 4000 Naira dial *229*2*36#, valid for 30days. You can also get 15GB for 5000 by dialing *229*2*37#.

9mobile cheap data plan 2023
9mobile cheap data plan 2023

9mobile unlimited cheap data plan 

9mobile do not have an unlimited data plan at the moment but they have a long term data plan of 60days and 90days respectively. This is one of 9mobile cheap data plan and their codes. They are economical and last long.

30GB for 27500 Naira, this plan is for heavy data users, to activate dial *229*5*11#.

Biannual data plan= 60GB cost only 55000 Naira and it’s valid for 120days, dial *229*5*3# to activate. Yearly data plan, this is a cost effective dataplan suitable for heavy data users. The plan is 120GB for just 110000 Naira valid for 365days (1year) . To activate dial *229*5*3#.

This plan is suitable for high end data users,  who uses lots if data. Places like banks,cybercafe,betting shops and hotels that uses lot of data. This plan is reliable and fast connection with no network breach, so you have enough time to enjoy your data plan.

9mobile cheap data balance check 

9mobile cheap data plan 2023


There is need to check your 9mobile data balance, to be sure of your data value and it’s expiring dates. 9mobile data balance can be check by dialing *228# or texting balance to 228. All the network provider in Nigeria apply auto-renewal options to their data plans. Disable auto-renewal, which will prevent you from renewingitser its expiration.  To disable dial *229*0# or text stop to 229. You can now use the above 9mobile cheap data plan 2023.

9mobile cheap data plan 2023
9mobile cheap data plan 2023


The 9mobile cheap data plan 2023 is available to all 9mobile subscribers. 9mobile cheap data plan 2023 will help you get the data value you wanted.

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