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Airtel cheap data codes 2022

Airtel Airtime cheat for 2022

Airtel cheap data codes 2022

Things have now gotten better for Airtel users with the airtel cheap data codes 2022 smartphone data packages for it’s esteemed customers. Airtel have lots of cheap data codes plans available for it’s numerous customers. If you are looking for an Airtel cheap data plan and it’s respective codes them  this document  is for you.

Airtel cheap data plan
Airtel cheap data plan


With Airtel you have nothing to worry about,because you are been covered by their arrays of data unlimited packages. As a students,working class,business men or women,young adult. Airtel have a data plan that suits your everyday needs.

Looking for the current airtel cheap data codes 2022, then you are in the right site. Keep reading to get the most out if the airtel cheap data codes 2022.

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Airtel users now have a wide range of data plan to choose from,when choosing a data plan . You either choose their daily,Weekly,monthly or even their yearly plan with there new amazing data option known as \”my offer\” which allows you to choose some amazing data option.

There is a data plan for everybody, no matter your plan Airtel got you covered with their unlimited varieties of data plan. We will show you some common Airtel cheap data plans  and their respective codes.

Below are the best Airtel cheap data plan available  in Nigeria.

The Airtel data plans comes in different packages,validity and economic benefits, all you have to do is to choose the one that best suits your budgets and data needs. Airtel data plans comes in different forms like,Daily, Weekly and monthly. Check out the various plan available.



Just like any other network provider in Nigeria, Airtel allows you to enjoy surfing the net for as low as #50 on its daidata planlan. You don’t need to break your bank to subscribe, you can choose their daily data plan with a minimum of 40MB for just #50. You can get your daily data plan activated by following the simple steps below. The airtel daily data plan is one of the Airtel cheap data codes 2022.

Airtel cheap data codes 2022
Airtel cheap data codes 2022
  • 75MB÷ This offer cost just #100 and it\’s valid for subscribing to dial*141*100#.
  • 40MB ÷ One of Airtel’s cheapest data plan cost only #50 and is the id for activating dial *141*50#.
  •  200MB÷ This is a three days plan and it\’s worth #200, to activate dial *141*200#.
  • 100MB ÷ one of Airtel’s’s cheapest daily plan cost only #100, to activate I am *141*100#
  • 1GB÷ This planccostsnly #300 and it\’s a daily plan, to activate just dial *141*354#.
  • 2GB÷ This is is a 2-day plan and it cost just #500, you can join by dialling *141*504#.

Whatever your data needs are Airtel got your back, their fast,  reliable and affordable internet experience will keep you connected anytime anywhere.

  AIRTEL weekly data plan

Airtel’s weekly data plan varies depending on your subscription codes and worth, it can last for 7 daysysssor 14 days as the case may be. Check out the best airtel cheap data codes for 2022.

You can also subscribe for 3 weeks, it all depends on how much cash you are willing to commit. To subscribe to the weekly data plan all you have to do is to recharge your phone with the required amount your subscription is worth and follow the steps below.

  Airtel weekend data plan

Airtel weekend data plan is suitable for students and workers who are always less busy on the weekend. It comes in two forms with both enjoyable between midnight on Saturday til 11:59 pm on Sunday. To activate this plan just dial *472# To get 200MB for just #200or and dial *473# to get 500MB for only #500.

Airtel cheap data codes 2022
Airtel cheap data codes 2022
  • 350MB÷ Airtel gives you as a subscriber 350MB for just #300, valid for 7 days, to activate dial *141*300#.
  • 750MB÷ This plan costs only #500, valid for 14 days (2weeks) to activate this plan dial *141*1000#.

Other Airtel data plan

  • 30 minutes unlimited plan÷(300), dial *439*3#  to activate this plan
  • 60 minutes unlimited plan÷(#500) dial *435*4# to activate.
  • 600MB÷Cost only #300 valid for 25days

Airtel monthly data plan

Airtel monthly data plan is one of the most popular data packages offered by the Airtel network because of its economical value. Airtel’s monthly data plan is valid for 30 days just like other network providers in Nigeria

Below are some examples of Airtel’s cheap data code s 2022 and its subscription plan.

  • 1.5GB÷ #1000, valid for 30 days/ dial *496# to activate
  • 3GB÷#15 valid validator 30 days/ dial *435# to activate.
  • 3.5GB÷ # 2000, valid for 30 days/ dial *437# to activate.
  • 5GB÷ #2500, valid for 30 days, dial *437*1# to activate
  • 7GB÷ #3500 valid for 30 days/ dial *438# to activate
  • 10GB÷ #5000, valid for 30 days dial *452# to activate.
  • 50GB÷ #36000, valid for 180 days (6months). Dial *406# to activate.
Airtel cheap data plan
Airtel’s cheap data plan

Airtel cheap data codes 2022

There’s always a data plan for all Airtel subscribers, just dial *141# to get started. You can get more of a data plan on data plus. Data plus is a genre Airtel talk more us bundle designed to meet your data and voice need. But the plan offers more data than talk time. Airtel 4G bundles are speciadata plans designed specifically for routers to aha ava an e delivesuper-fastst internet experience.

Airtel data plan offers 1.5 GB for #1000 and 2000 voice values,4.5GB for #2000 and #4000 voice values and much more.

To easily purchase data at a cheap rate using the Airtel cheap data codes. You can start bdiallinggng *141# to choose from the variety of  Airtel available datplanssan.

Activate Airtevery day you on data p   and get 15GB for just #3000 valid for 30 days, dial *141*3002#. To get a daily data plan just dial *141*100# to get 200MB to browse the internet for just #100 valid for hours.

Airtel has made things easier and cheaper for its subscribers with the new few newer “Airtel Awuf data plan”. This plan allows you to get 3 times the value of your data, dial *141# and select 1 to see available data bundles or just dial *141*241# to suit the packages that suit you. You can also read cheap data plans.


the airtel cheap data codes 2022 is designed for all airtel customers to minimise their data allowance. And also improving their customer service. You can take advantage of this information.

For more information check  Airtel cheap data codes for 2022

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